13 Jun 2012

Buttonhole wheel

The new stitch – week 24 of Tast2012 – many centers – what a lovely stitch. For the buttonhole wheel the needle goes at least 16 times into the same hole in the middle - thus creating a remarkable center.


  1. You always surprise me with your TAST designs.
    It seems as you just pick up a needle, some threads, and fabric of course, and start stiching. Do you have a plan before you start?

  2. This is a very appealing design. Looks like you've had fun with the buttonhole wheel.

  3. Anneliese, this is stunning! I LOVE it. I have been looking at your blog and your work is really lovely. You make me want to get back to some embroidery again !

  4. Very nice buttonhole stitching. They look great all grouped close together.


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