8 May 2012

The Villa

I invite you to have a peep through the gate where in the very near future DH will spill his energy to update an old but wonderful house.

You can see a lot of rusted gate, the paint going off. It will be cleaned and painted. The gate is charming .....

And it is long .... it will keep him occupied....
don't lets talk of the inside (of the house)

and I.....

.....should be sitting here in the sun and do some stitching or sewing,
but more likely I will have to lend him a hand ----  hands, one will be not enough.

The table and the chairs are not ours.
The garden swing might be left for us by the former owners.

You will understand why my creations will diminish more and more to a very small scale.


  1. will this be your new home? hoe exciting

  2. Anneliese, from the outside this looks very promising looking forward to seeing the inside.

    x shirley

  3. Wow it looks amazing. I'm sure you will be very happy.

  4. This looks lovely, Anneliese. Love the pattern of the gate, would be fun to use for rust dyeing!

  5. Hi Anneliese, how exciting. It will keep you busy I know, but I am sure you and hubby will make it a wonderful place to live. It certainly looks to have many possibilities so I wish you well.

  6. What a wonderful canvas to work on! I am sure that you wlll make it fabulous!

  7. I am sure it will be beautiful!

  8. Wow Anneliese your new Villa looks amazing - you must keep us updated with your DH's progress.....I should ask him to start with the swing!

  9. Looking into my chrystal ball I can see much work for you both in your charming villa. That gate is very charming indeed, even with it's flaky paint. Have fun and I am sure it is going to come up a treat!!


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