24 May 2012

Secret letter - Butterfly chain stitch

My secret letter in hieroglyphics

All I can reveal:

My dear.................................

               so much love!

This was my first try for the butterfly chain stitch.

And then I had another idea.
I  stitched a fern as they grow in abundance around our house in the French Vosges
and some even migrated into our German garden - probably by our soles.

And how I learned to damp-stretch in Karen Ruanes button class - I did so. And it happend that the colour just ran away the handdyed thread not being colourfast.
I am not sad about it as I wanted to paint it after stitching anyhow.


  1. I like the secret letter!

  2. I love your interpretations of the butterfly chain stitch Anneliese, and the freedom and movement in the variation of the stitch length.

  3. What a happen accident. I thought you had used some lovely dyed cloth! The fern is is quite nicely done.

  4. I love the effect of the colour run on the fern. Really beautiful.

  5. I love the way your imagination works Anneliese!! Your butterfly chain samples are wonderful, and what an amazingly wonderful 'mistake' with the colour run.........who could have asked for anything more, simply lovely.

  6. nice sapmler !
    the leave is funny !

  7. nice letter :)
    and so lovely fern!!
    hugs, Masha

  8. Lovely work Anneliese. The colour run makes a very effective leaf. I havent seen that stitch before, it looks good.


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