12 May 2012

Half Cretan stitch

I have a lovely little pile of needle lace in my treasure box. In fact still two bundles -  I sewed already two small curtains - sheer ones for a front door where I scattered the squares on the fabric. I found these treasures for very little money in France, in an antique shop. My heart jumped when I saw them.
This was at least ten years ago.
I counted them: 47 pieces in one bundle, what an odd number, and one on top, makes 48 - maybe it went for the dozen, 4 dozens.

With the Half Cretan Stitch for Tast2012, week 19, I couched one of these squares onto fabric with a space dyed (not by me) thread - and --------------

.... I did not like it too much.
So for this week I made an another sample, the second one with this stitch

Now, if somebody can tell me: Is the little square needle lace or is it tatted?
I would love to know it.....


  1. Well done, Anneliese! I have a box full of old lace, there is an idea!

  2. Looks like needle lace to me. Your samples look good, and I like that space-dyed thread.

  3. Your lace bundles are so lovely Anneliese and you have cleverly used them with your embroidery, it's so pretty :)


  4. The are lovely lace squares, and I love the way you have used it with this stitch, Makes me think I should get out my laces again

  5. What a wonderful antique shop find! I like the first one you did. I am a tatter and I would say it is not tatting. The little triangle shapes look to be detached buttonhole stitches done with a needle. Wish I could take a closer look... (smile)


  6. how lucky you are to have found such a treasure. and your utilisation is wonderful !

  7. I love both pieces Anneliese, and also your 'bundle' of treasure. What a great find. I seem to think it is needle lace. I'm also thinking of the vintage pieces I should use. Thanks for sharing your creative idea. You always come up with something a little bit special.

  8. I am a tiny bit jealous of your needle lace stash, Anneliese. I just love how you used it for this TAST stitch - a brilliant idea.


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