6 May 2012

Flower pounding

I am following a most wonderful blog: "Altered book lover".klick here
And you will find it under Thursday, May 3 2012.
She has a post how to pound flowers for coloring paper or fabric.
Now that is so interesting that I tried it with young fern from around our house in the Vosges.
I like it although the result is not quite satisfying. I will go on experimenting.
The blue color is coming from "Lichtnelke" (Silene dioica) the color of which is actually rather pink.
There are no larger flowers at the moment to experiment -  bigger would be better.
You put the petals inbetween two sheets of paper and then with a hammer......!!!
But read more at Altered Book Lover's page


  1. Very interesting! I think it's fine technology for making collages!

  2. Thanks for sharing this link.

  3. That looks very interesting Anneliese I have bookmarked it and 'followed' so I can try it.

  4. Looks very interesting Anneliese. I think Radka was doing something like this some time ago. I haven't tried it yet, but it would be great to ease one's frustrations at time, pounding on something........... Perhaps you will add some embroidery to this in time??

  5. Hi Anneliese, yes, I did some hapazome a couple of years ago, it is fun. I then did some embroidery over one of the samples. You can see it here:


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