5 May 2012

Crossed buttonhole stitch

Many variations of crossed buttonhole stitches on freehand cut strips – a left over piece of a small quilt

I could not think of anything else but making these variations: Top row - 3 buttonhole stitches and three times crossed  over them - the others quite normal in different lengths.
The bottom row: Left side - I placed the crossing buttonhole stitches further down.
The right side - I made up and down crossed buttonhole stitches.


  1. You made a pretty sampler, I like the fabric strips too.

  2. I like this idea of couching on the strips. The colours in the threads really work with the fabric.

  3. your sampler is very intersting. You have find more variations than I can imagine it exists

  4. The other ladies have said it all Anneliese, but as usual I have to say you have taken a rather boring stitch and given it a lift, with the use of strips and great threads. You always manage to work the samples in an interesting manner.


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