13 Apr 2012

Stem stitch

My stem stitches for week 15 of Tast2012
I had a print of negative buttons which I made some weeks ago using Formy, a kind of sponge, but hard, which you warm up over for instance a toaster and press it instantly on a relief. This stamp can now be used many times to make
prints. I stitched the outlines of some buttons and filled in stem stitches
I left open spaces to show still the print which I like very much.

Woche 15 für Tast2012 - eine Aufgabe durchs ganze Jahr, jeden Dienstag ein neuer Stitckstich. Mehr Information auf dieser Seite: Pin Tangle 


  1. This is great, Anneliese! I have some stuff similar to your Formy but have not had time to use it yet. I love the effect you got with the buttons. The stitching REALLY adds to it too. Well done!

  2. This is an excellent idea Anneliese. I haven't used Formy, but you make it sound a must have!! Stem stitch is so versatile, and one we always seem to fall back on. Hope your weather is more like Spring now. Cheers.

  3. The background is a great idea for your stem stitching Anneliese. I have some similar stuff but yet to try it out. Good work.


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