19 Apr 2012

French knots

Tast2012 Week 16 – Fossile Coral – cross-cut –
I imagined the cross-cut of the fossil coral lying in shallow water surrounded by small pebbles. My imagination has no borders – and I hope you, my dear readers, can also see the warm seawater caressing this colorful French knot piece of coral and the softly moving little stones.

Many more photos of Tast 2012 week 16 can be seen on "Stitchin fingers" http://stitchinfingers.ning.com/photo


  1. Your imagination has absolutely no borders.
    I can see the water and the pebbles, but coral??? Except for the color, I have no idea what coral looks from above. But still...I like the picture;)

  2. It's very nice ! what sort of thread have you use to embroider it ?

  3. Wonderful image you've created Anneliese, and the background really does make one think of flying above 'our reef'. This is very creative.


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