8 Mar 2012

Running stitch

Running stitches through river delta

I think I found a  good title after contemplating quite some time - presenting it to the boss in my house - contemplating again and decision was made!

The stitch of week 10 of Tast2012 is running stitch.
I made a "foamy" print some weeks ago on a previously dyed fabric.
I call it now "foamy" - because I don't know the proper name.
The small block of this synthetic material can be heated
on a toaster or other source of heat and pressed onto a shape.
My shape was a crinkled piece of tyvek.

Detail of running stitch


  1. Great title and stitching! I love your background fabric, you are so creative.

  2. You are just too clever Anneliese. I love the simplicity of this, yet understand the thought and the process. Great thinking as always.

  3. Eine tolle Idee, super umgesetzt und den perfekten Titeln dafür gefunden!
    Liebe Grüße

  4. You are so imaginative Anneliese - wonderful idea!

  5. it's very nice. it's looks like a map of a land between earth and water.


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