16 Feb 2012

Vincent van Gogh

Work in Progress
The studio journal class of SharonB is yielding fruit.
I am applying a few stitches of Tast2012 for this little picture
 which was meant to be an appliqued small quilt, really small
and you recognize probably that it is Vincent Van Gogh
It is a detail of the small piece which measures 21 x 14 cm.

I defined the threads which I wanted to use but it was in 2011
 and I changed my mind which can happen with me from one day to the next. But here one year passed...

.... and the fabrics were chosen. It is in my studio journal and reminds me
of my first online class.
 The move of the air can be seen and also Vincents juniper in the landscape.
I stitched the move of the air - the wind - with detached chain stitches, Tast 2012 Week 7, quite different from my first thoughts one year ago.
The juniper disappeared but many more stitches will appear in the course of time.
I used also buttonhole and fly stitches.

Once more the work in progress.
The original is very much lighter.


  1. Looking forward to seeing how this finishes. Sounds good.

  2. What a very creative way to combine your classes/challenges Anneliese. I love your 'movement', very clever. Simple things do seem to work the best don't they.

    Hope your week is productive and not too cold. Very warm here, and now dry!!

  3. This is really lovely, Anneliese ! I am VERY impressed! Did you dye the fabric first! Well done you!!

  4. This is beautiful, Anneliese. I really enjoyed seeing the transition from sketch to stitched piece. Vincent would love it :-)

  5. Great to see this come to life. It's going to be pretty!

  6. Hi Anneliese, I haven't visited you in a while! Nice to see you getting into your sketchbook. It was also the first online class I ever did too. Would you believe before reading your post here I was going to dig my sketchbook out and start sketching up some ideas for a new project. Great minds!!! Your Van Gogh embroidered piece is going to be wonderful. Simple lines, yet getting the message across. Immediately recognizable. Did you pain the background? Di.


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