9 Feb 2012

Chevron stitches - Tast2012 week 6

Pictures are not as good as I would like to have them - the red colour of my fabric must be the cause or the dull weather which we are having -
I simply can't get them sharp. See first my doodling with thread and needle

end of doodling on the old linen sheet 

My fabric is of a brilliant orange brown colour
here is the best what I could get  

The center ornament reminded me of the bridges
to Key West, Florida, USA,
before I added the silk ribbon stitches

This is - or should be - raised chevron stitch
The enlargement is so merciless

I inserted buttonhole stitches into the upper
horizontal stitches - and made another row to
produce a tiny lace -
again the enlargement reveals each irregularity! 

 This was taken with another camera and comes nearer to the original


  1. Well, Anneliese, you certainly have made time to explore this lovely stitch in lots of interesting ways. I would never have thought to attempt the addition of the lace, very clever. I like your chevrons getting larger as they go along. Isn't it annoying when the camera won't pick up the right colour!!!

  2. Anneliese, I love this one pic
    very beautiful!

  3. Such interesting variations! Nice work.

  4. Great stitching. Love the lacy effect you created by buttonholing and your couching variations.

  5. Glad I found your work too! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words.


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