27 Jan 2012

Really small things

Ein Weihnachtsgeschenk: Poesie der kleinen Dinge
von Eva-Maria Maier

Christmas was the opportunity to treat myself with a wonderful book - of course it was a gift
of DH - and he was so surprised when he saw it - in our longstanding marriage we are surprising each other in a different way....LOL
It is such a charming book full of loveable bits and bobs. I started to reproduce some pendants.
Where would I hang them? At zippers, at gifts for somebody who appreciates the work of about four hours.

It was meant to be oval but it turned out somehow rectangular -
it is embellished with buttonhole and featherstitches, French knots and a few beads.
I crocheted the edge with perle 8.
 like this one the best - it is the third in my production

This one was originally stitched to be a Karen-Ruane-button here
it came handy as a hanger
the diameter including the crocheted lace is 3,5 cm/1 inch 3/8

It was my first try and I used an embroidered little piece of a blouse which was given to me about 100 years ago - I never wore it and finally cut out the embroidered parts.
5 cm/1 inch 7/8

This is the lovely poetic book with so many beautiful things in it

and how it looks inside

 with very good descriptions about sewing and crocheting


  1. Really enchanting. I love your tiny little pieces.

  2. What a great idea for embellishments:)Can you show the book?

  3. I love your little pendants Anneliese you are so lucky to have such a thoughtful husband.

  4. These are lovely, Anneliese! You are really doing some gorgeous things.i love small, fiddly little things. I work that way myself and really appreciate it. I know a lot of people prefer the minimalist approach but not I . Keep right on delighting us with your little treasures.

  5. What a nice gift of your DH! LOL. It's always nice to make something quick and have a finish. The first one is my favourite too.

  6. These little works of art are amazing Anneliese. I applaud you for continuing to work with such tiny things. It is NOT easy!! Oh, how nice to know your DH is of the same mind as mine...........LOL.......he too was very surprised at the gift he gave me for my birthday some time ago, thought he was very clever!! Happy stitching to you.

  7. Thank you, Anneliese, for showing us your new book :)

  8. Hiya I have given you an award, come over to my place to see all about it. Its called the Liebster award


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