3 Jan 2012

Quilt, feathers and Tast 2012 week 1

Big bang ........ I took it up again - last year's project

Excuse me - not this one - the fire cracker went into the air
on New Year's eve in front of our house -----

But this one..... which is not exactly my New Year's resolution -
Just because everything is to normal again

It is the beginning of a new feather and I took a photo - the first one - with my Ipad which I got for Christmas - well the used one of our son - it is so good - the photo is not very sharp - but it is really so much faster to make.

 Irish Chain with sprinkled-over feathers.
Every day one feather more -
no, too much.... every week at least one ---

The white fabric of the large square is of a different white -
it is a scrap quilt - I used what I had

Today started TAST 2012 with SharonB. Week 1 - fly stitch.
I made a January flower using only fly stitches, see here: week 1

It is a hand dyed piece of cotton which I made two years ago
I think I will stitch all January stitches on the same piece of fabric
and start on a new one the following month.


  1. i love that fabric! It has so much texture and depth. The flower looks beautiful on it.

  2. What a lovely post, full of positive vibes and busyness. You sound ready to take on lots of things Anneliese. I really like the use of the feather blocks, love scrap quilts. I see you have done some fly stitch, good work. I've had a little play, but it is one I've investigated before.

  3. I love the feather idea!!! I you going to make a whole quilt like this? Why didn't I think of that :))
    Your fly stitch looks really good, well done :)
    Happy New Year to you, Anneliese! You have made a good start :)

  4. Happy TAST week 1 Anneliese!I like the fly stitch flower very much!
    Your 'Magic feathers' are gorgeous.

  5. Hi Anneliese, I love your 'TAST' sample.....so lovely !
    I am chris from http://ellascraftcreations.blogspot.com/
    thank you for your comment on my blog ! I did not do my sample in two evenings.....I did the beadwork before in anticipation and then framed the beadwork with the fly stitch when it was announced on TAST !

  6. I love your dentdelion flower and the feathers too.

  7. Wow, I love your fabric and I like this flower...we had the same inspiration! This challenge with Sharn will be a great adventure!

  8. more beautiful feathers and your creative use of the fly stitch is fantastic~!!!!~
    looks somewhat like a dandelion puff just waiting for wishes to be made and a big whoosh of breath to send the soft seeds on their way.


  9. You are inspirational to me Anneliese. The feathers are turning out beautifully and of course, I have already said elsewhere how much I love your use of the fly stitch for TAST. I also love scrap quilts and using what I have on hand. Doesn't stop me from continually buying more tho LOL.


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