5 Jan 2012

Farmhouses and other dwellings

As some of you might already know we have been searching a holiday house, actually a farmhouse, to renovate for at least two years and saw meanwhile more than 100 buildings, ruins, villas, cottages, verandas, shabby shacks, holes, dwellings. Would you think that I can remember the 4th house which we saw 2 weeks back? Nothing. That's why I make my very unexpert sketches. They look like that:

And tomorrow we are again getting off the starting blocks.
We don't give in, DH needs an occupation
Journaling - I learned it from SharonB in her class
'Studio Journal - a Designers Workhorse'
(last year)


  1. When my daughter was house hunting she took digital photos to remind her of the features of the various dwellings. I like your idea better.

  2. Great sketches Anneliese and good hunting x

  3. You are very ggod, Anneliese, I would just take pictures with my camera :)

  4. I think YOUR house sketches are really nice Anneliese, but I understand your frustration at what at the moment seems a fruitless endeavour. I wish you both well in this next trip around, and look forward to happy news. Take care on your road trip. Cheers.

  5. Great drawings in your journal Anneliese. Yes, good luck with the next search. Your hubby is certainly patient with his house hunting. Cheers.

  6. Charming sketches Anneliese. I hope that your dream holiday home soon appears!


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