7 Dec 2011

Two more ....

Cutwork button - half of the covering fabric is cut away
and replaced by another fabric - of course
it has to be "buttonholed" at first -
and then embellished with French knots, bullions and two chain stitches, two,
more cannot  be placed on this 2,9 cm large button

A little round hole cut into the fabric
some embellishments, tiny, tiny.

Buttons can look like that
and the two rolls are called toggles


  1. So very cute and such a peaceful colour scheme.

  2. You are getting really good at these buttons Anneliese. I love the toggles - very cute.

  3. Your buttons are just gorgeous - all that tiny detailing! When you visited my blog you mentioned it was brave to cut up books... I buy them at the thrift store specifically to cut up, so it's not too hard - I look for ones with great photos or colors or blocks of type knowing that I'll be cutting and pasting. It's really fun!

  4. These are very pretty Anneliese, I like the blues but also like toggle buttons.


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