25 Dec 2011

Inchie Yellow

I made now 52 inchies all through 2011. This one is my last creation - its title is 'yellow'.
Yellow like a lemon. It is all machine sewn.
 I thank all my visitors for their lovely comments. It is very encouraging to get feedback.
 I wish you all a very happy and creative New Year!


  1. Once again, a wonderful creation. I hope your holidays are stress free and filled with loving family.

  2. Hi, Anneliese. This is a cool inchie--great lemons. I've been sketching my lemon tree on fabric lately, so lemons are a hit with me!
    happy holiday stitching!
    best from Tunisia,

  3. This Yellow Inchie is VERY nice. I love the lemons! Well done Anneliese. See you in the New Year, I hope!

  4. And another beautiful Inchie, to finish off the year. Perhaps my favourite, because of the colour!! It has been a pleasure to watch each one being posted. I hope your Christmas was relaxing, and I am very much looking forward to our continued blogging and friendship. Cheers.

  5. The big finale in lemon - very nice. Have you decided what you are going to do with your 52 inchies yet? It has been fabulous to see each and every one of them on your blog. Happy New Year and wishing you too a very creative one. Di.

  6. Ahh! This is refreshing your lemon inchie!
    I loved seeing all your inchies. I hope you will
    find a way to use them and share with us what you did. There will be a post on the Every Inchie Monday blog next week!


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