18 Dec 2011

Ball buttons and more...

Another kind of a button - a ball button -was shown by Karen Ruane in her class Buttons and more. Look at her blog if you want to know more.

Now this has nothing to do with a button -
 it is a fallen down leaf of my poinsettia
I like the shell appearance of this dry leaf

I changed it with my photo program
and I like it even more

A lovely surprise for me in our letter box:


A Christmas card flew in from Australia -
Linda made it - thank you so much  Linda -
The tree is gold-colour and has sparkling sequins
and a golden star on top of it. 
I like it so much that I took the photo on a luxury handkerchief
which might be more than hundred years old
because it shows the monogram of this lovely young girl
disguised as a dutchwoman

The handkerchief was probably made by Sophie,
a great-grand-aunt of mine, for her wedding.
The picture was taken in 1901.


  1. Hello Anneliese, I love your ball button, it is so beautiful. You really seem to love making these 'little' things, and I applaud you for that. I also like the leaf and your photo alteration [you know how much I like this 'art']. So pleased the PC arrived safely, and thank you for presenting it so beautifully. That handkerchief is a work of art, and so very different in technique and time than a 21st century postcard. Happy Christmas to you.

  2. Gorgeous Ball Button and the photo of the dried leaf manipulated to different hues! A beautiful handmade card from Linda and the handkerchief is a special heirloom.


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