17 Nov 2011

Strips of fabric ....

I started this coaster after I saw it in a shop in our town
I used 1" cut strips - although one could tear them as well
and I used 1/2 m x 1,40 m cotton
I love these large stitches

This is my finished coaster


  1. Wow i love the thought of knitting with fabric Anneliese....wonderful.

  2. Looks good and the colours are wonderful. I have tried crocheting the fabric and it is quite hard going. Was it easy to knit with? Di.

  3. Looks great Anneliese, and such a bright print, knits up well.

  4. Thanks for visiting and following me! I'll return the favor because as I explored your site I'm fascinated by all the needlework you do. I tried inchies for about a month and the challenge didn't hold my interest, but yours are just COOL! and that quilt - gorgeous. and that scrumble thingy - so clever and I can't wait to see the end result. Look forward to more good things!

  5. Beautiful, beautiful colors for one great coaster!!!


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