11 Nov 2011

More scrumbles

I am working with my scrumbles -
from time to time
not constantly because I have about 6 other projects at the same time
This is a detail.

When we were invited for dinner some days ago
our friend cooked a very good meal
and she decorated the table in an autumn-like manner
with red Japanese maple leaves.
At the end of our "session" the leaves were looking like that:
Isn't this just like a srumble -
a scrumble of leaves.
I liked it so much that I took it home at midnight
very carefully lying in my hand

It is amazing what the warm room made of it
Three leaves were lying on top of each other
 drying like that.


  1. Loving both the Scrumble and the Leaves Anneliese x

  2. Scrumbles look great Anneliese, and fascinating leaves!! Thank you for the lovely progress pictures. Sorry I've been absent. With the heat we've been having, I think I'm almost dried up like one of those leaves - almost 40°C here today.


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