20 Nov 2011

Fabric stitch-book - the cover

Here it is finally - my  TAST2010  stitches (by SharonB)
 assembled under this cover

This is the front.
The cover is showing all stitches which I made during one year -
 I tried them first on this piece of linen cloth.
But imagine the surprise
 when I saw that I had sewn on a wrong date: 2011.
The stitching took place in 2010.
So unpicking was next and sewing on another number,
 the ZERO instead of the ONE.

And this is the piece of outrage 
At least I got some routine in making numbers and letters.


  1. What a great idea to use your doodle cloth for the cover! I'm stitching the cover for my TAST book to, the front is almost finished.

  2. Well done Anneliese it looks fabulous.

  3. Well done, Anneliese. It is a good record to keep and to refer to it in the future :)

  4. Your cover looks amazing. It was a good idea to use your sample stitching this way.

  5. Anneliese you always come up with something very original and which is "yours". Congratulations this is a wonderful way to keep your samples of the stitches. If this was a "doodle" cloth then it is the neatest doodle cloth anyone has ever done. Great work.

  6. Lovely to see Anneliese. Such a great way to keep a record of what you've done, future generations will benefit from such things. I love the colour. I am sure you were more than a little peeved when you saw your numbers glitch!! Take care.

  7. Gosh I nearly missed this post! A great job on the book Anneliese. Oops about the date, but never mind, you would never know it had been wrong. Good to have your practice stitches on the front page it is really quite colourful.


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