14 Oct 2011

Sewing retreat - Knoden, Odenwald, Germany

This is the region where our patchwork retreat took place

Thank you Michael Schäfer (Panoramio)
 that I could use your photos

Here we spent three days sewing
chatting, eating and having fun

The start - we are furnishing the house with our stuff -
we made self catering - so everybody prepared
some dishes and brought them along -
but the main things were of course the sewing machines and the projects

Everybody had her own table and it was not too much space, we are eight sewing enthusiasts
Throughout the year we are meeting once a month
This was the first time that we spent three days together

Angelikas quilt, not finished

Hildes quilt for her grandchild

Gerda working on her stars

Waltraud just left her place to look at somebody's work
but look at her cushion

Edith is demonstrating how to

Again Gerda's stars

Edith's quilt

Detail of Edith's quilt

The stars sewn together

From right to left
Gerda Waltraud Edith Hilde Angelika Nelly Theresia Anneliese

we are dining

I sew my Irish chain quilt together
and as I am in love with Jude's feathers (more about this)
I am  embellishing some plain blocks
There will be only a few feathers


  1. Ahhh, this all looks so much fun, I wish I lived closer:)

  2. What great fun you all seem to be having. I love all the ladies' quilts, but am very drawn to the stars, and your Irish Chain with Feathers!! Lovely scenery, and a gorgeous place for you to enjoy your days sewing and chatting.

  3. Ooooh, a sewing retreat--can it get any better? I'm quite envious! Enjoyed your inchies, too.
    best from Tunisia,

  4. Meine liebe Anneliese, vielen Dank, daß ich mich immer ganz intensiv an unser Beisammensein auf deinem Blog erinnern kann. Es war soooo schön, gell? Das Rückwärtszählen bis nächstes Jahr hat schon begonnen... dies sagt dir Angelika


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