14 Oct 2011

More patchwork-retreat

Angelika's quilt

Theresia managed to join her complicated quilt

Preparing for transfer print

but first the razor foam marbelling

the marbelling prints ironed

now the transfer prints

transfer print - a try

we experimented with leaves - positive and negative

and this wa a highlight - we visited Michelstadt
where an exhibition of needlework was going on and
of course wonderful stuff was displayed
threads, wool, simply imagine everything what
stitching ladies need or allegedly think to need

felted stones - look at the ladies hand on the left
and you recognize the  imposing size

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  1. Love your foam marbling Anneliese, not to mention your transfer prints. Those stones are pretty unique too. What a lovely 'retreat' for you to take part in, must have been a lot of fun.


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