2 Sep 2011

Magic feathers - magische Federn

Feather and .... waves
stitched on dyed recycled fabric

Feathers and .... SmallestForest's lentils
Nat's interesting blog
 and how to stitch the lentils:http://smallestforest.net/2011/08/31/lentil-stitch/

I will send two feathers to Jude Hill who writes of her magic feather project on her blog.You can send two or more small feathers to her, she will publish them and make something out of them. You will find  a workshop on how to make them here


  1. Great feathers Anneliese, and what a lovely idea. You are always finding something interesting to tell us.

  2. I love your feathers, Anneliese! Another great idea:) By the way, your "see here" link doesn't work :(

  3. Lovely feathers, and it's such a great project.
    best, nadia

  4. lovely stitched feathers.......x


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