12 Aug 2011

Altered books ???

I bought an old book on a street sale in France. Beautifully bound and really old with firm pages and mould stains inside what I really like, the brown ones and not dangerous. I have the idea to make an altered book. But goodness me, I started to read in it. It is Victor Hugo, a drama, Ruy Blas. I bet I will not be able to change its pages. I will have to hunt for another one, maybe in my own cupboard, this Victor Hugo is too precious for me.
Under the cover

The previous owner

The title page - the book is from 1838 -
I got it for 50 Euro Cent

It is a drama
and I am reading it slowly


  1. this book is definitely too precious to alter Anneliese, it is a good idea to get one that is not so valuable.

  2. Anneliese r like your inchie challenge are you the only one doing it or are other bloggers involved ?...and I agree about the book it's too good to alter ....x

  3. Anneliese, I just could not 'alter' a book like this. I know it's 'old', but classics like these are worth keeping in their own right. I'd have to find some other 'ordinary' book to alter. Thanks for the links, will check them out.

  4. This was a good find Anneliese. In my mind it is a real treasure.


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