6 Jun 2011


It caused much merriment when we on the occasion of the night of New Year's eve
poured lead into cold water (in fact we call it "pouring lead - but it is probably tin).....
what came out would be the destiny for the coming year ...
It might have come true whatever it means


  1. Depending on how and where I look I can see lots of things in the lead. In the centre just beside where the lumpy big is I can see a hollow with a tiny animal and its little black dot eyes looking out. Maybe all the bits sticking out are your journeys over the year.

    I can see a monkey head at the top of the attached bit on the lift that looks like he is holding a club over his head.

    Yes Anneliese i have been told I am crazy at times. :D

  2. Hi Anneliese, Maybe molten lead in the new year means your life is going to be spread out. You have already spent some time spreading yourselves around different areas? Did you melt this straight onto the inchie? Di.


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