15 May 2011

May in America

We made a short trip to the States
We wanted to see the family in New York -
granddaughter had her 6th birthday.
But at first we visited the east coast and drove over and through
the Chesapeak Bay Bridge-Tunnel.
SharonB's class of the Studio Journal has  great influence on my diary keeping.
I love my unprofessional coloured pages.
Right side: We reached Greenville, NC, and Roanoke
We took the Blue Ridge Parkway to the north
which was wonderful with the new green coming out and blooming trees
Next towns were Staunton (remakable because of its 33 churches),
and Winchester, a lovely little town
where somebody embellished the fence of a small street cafe

We liked to take our coffee at McDo's - senior coffee - at a very good price
We drove through Amish Farmlands and made a stop at Intercourse, PA.

Really everybody in this region dried the laundry on the line -
a very unusual sight in the States.
The Amish do not use electricity or modern devices.
We were in the most wonderful quilt shop: http://www.oldcountrystorefabrics.com/
and 4 yards of batiks are mine!

I like those motives - but I had no colour to
paint the pages - later on I bought water soluble wax pastels.

In New York - half of the young family is on the photo

Walk in the northern Battery Park
Everybody knows such photos
I made mine - and I think they are impressive when you are in the streets

 We had lovely weather for the Booklyn Botanic Garden
and quite a photo model with the sweet face whenever it is necessary



  1. You take really great photos Anneliese, Your grandaughter is very pretty. The skyscraper photo has some good shapes in it. You were lucky to have so much lovely sunshine for your trip. It is good to have you back.

  2. Your photo's are great. I like your journal pages too.

  3. Such wonderful photos. Your journal is looking good.

  4. Thank you for sharing your journal and beautiful photos, Anneliese. Yes, your grand daughter is a cutie. New York is on the 'must visit one day' list! Regards Di.

  5. What lovely photographs Anneliese. Trying to catch up on some blogs, and enjoying your beautiful posts. Hope your holiday in the US has been wonderful. The family ones are a treat. Your journaling is very interesting. BTW, I still dry my washing on an outside clothesline, plenty of sunshine here in Queensland....LOL...


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