25 Apr 2011


I started to make a small landscape out of nothing at all - but a few scraps - when weather is so nice as now - like summer - I can't sit at the sewing machine so I am handsewing
about 25 cm x 20 cm (ca. 20"x 8")

I imagine a lake and mountains - it will go on - maybe in a few weeks for
we will be off now for New York and the Appalachian Moutains and the coast
and birthday of granddaughter and daughter


  1. That is so wonderful Anneliese....i love landscapes and hand stitching x

  2. This is very good, Anneliese, I like it a lot! Well done:)

  3. I love your landscape and the hand stitching also. You seem to choose just the right colour and stitch for your designs.


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