19 Mar 2011

Studio journal online class

I found this tile on an entrance in Karlsruhe

Í transferred the flower and coloured it

The same image cut up - this is done in order to maybe find
a new design. I did not up to now - hopefully in the future.


  1. I understand what you are doing here, it is something I learned to do at C & G class. But I love that tile as it is, may be because I love anything art nouveau:)
    There is a virtual prize for you on my blog:))

  2. This is most definitely a beautiful tile Anneliese, and I'm sure you will soon have an 'aha' moment with rearranging your drawing. Your creations are always pleased, this will be no exception.

  3. A beautiful tile. I love tiles and have a small collection.

  4. Anneliese i just love the tile and what you have done with it, and aren't those circles just magic. I see you are also a very clever artist as well with your drawing.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us.


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