20 Mar 2011


I found these in the German magazine "Anna"
and just had to try out the patternThe method is called swing knitting and the author of these
gauntlets is Heidrun Liegmann-Halama.
Just imagine how warm they are!!

I am not at all an expert in knitting but here they are. 


  1. It's lovely! I keep promissing myself a pair of these. Which issue of Anna is it in?

  2. love the pattern and such pretty colours too.

  3. I bought the same magazine in Dutch! I used this technique in my scrumble pillow, it's fun. Lovely colours!

  4. I have lots of ANNA magazines, and have always loved their knitting patterns. Shame on me for never having tried one of them. I too would love to know the issue #, although I have not purchased them for a number of years now. These are just gorgeous.


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