27 Feb 2011

Sticken - Schmelzen - Strukturieren

. Embroidery - melting - structuring were the themes of a very interesting two-day class which I followed.
I learned a lot about surface structuring.

We melted organza..
The backside is a pink fabric which is showing through after
sewing lines and tearing away parts of the newspaper.
Then the newspaper was overlayed with organza, again fixed with machine stitches
 and partly melted away.

Organza on top of fabric sewn densely with free
machine stitches and again melting the organza between the stitches.
Some embellishment on top

A layer of Kunin felt followed by Ludtradur - which was painted beforehand -
machine stitches with ornaments all over
and then the melting process setting free underneeth layers.
Embellishment with velvet (Pannesamt)

This time the Kunin felt was melted away between the grid -
 the underneeth fabric was fixed later with more machine stitching
it is showing through the little burned-out holes.
Embellishment with painted fleece leaves


  1. Fabulous samples Anneleise--you have learned some great techniques here.

  2. Anneleise, this work looks wonderful. It looks like it would be a lot of fun experimenting with the effects. How did you melt the organza? (or is that a class secret?)

  3. Lovely projects! It must had been a great fun:))

  4. Great samples Anneliese. I love this type of work, not had much time for it of late, but I get my fix keeping an eye on you........LOL..... I particularly like the last sample.

  5. You did wonderful work in the class Anneliese. It all looks very interesting.

  6. Beautiful work Anneliese , I Like it !,
    Best wishes:)))


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