16 Jan 2011


Hand dyed fabrics, sewn together three years ago -
now I needed a bookcover as a present.
I cut two stamps out of Plasticine
and printed.
The fabric doesn't look anymore dull and boring.
A little machine embroidery and a few beads, and to cover stains of colour
I sewed on some fly stitches
My mom is on the photo - today would be her 106th birthday

Handgefärbter Stoff, schon vor einiger Zeit zusammengenäht, mit einem Knetstempel und mit
Stofffarbe Muster aufgedruckt. Etwas Maschinenstickerei
ganz wenig Perlen und Fliegenstiche
Das Foto zeigt meine Mutter, die heute ihren 106. Geburtstag hätte.
Detail of front cover


  1. This is gorgeous Anneliese. Your work is so inspiring.
    x shirley

  2. Such wonderful work Anneliese.....your mum looked stunning.

  3. You don't stand still, do you?:)) It is a lovely book cover:))

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog, what you do is very beautiful too


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