19 Dec 2010


A sample of dyed fabric torn into small pieces of 10 x 15 cm.
I overdyed it with a brayer using another colour
then printed with the carved stamp

another sample of printing
I printed twice with the stamp flipped over

The stamp is made of plasticine ( Plastiline) -  
carving is so easy, when you don't need the stamp anymore
you roll over it addding the cut-out bits
and you can create another design


  1. Wonderful dying Anneliese....like the sound of the Plastiline too.

  2. Wow Anneliese, these are great. The plasticine is a wonderful idea...how clever to think of that.

  3. Hello Anneliese. What a brilliant idea. I would never have given Plasticine a thought. Wendy and I play with it when she is here, but I never thought to use it for 'stamping'. You little genius.

    Have a lovely Christmas, thank you for visiting my blog, and most of all thank you for the friendship we've developed. I wish you well for the season, and safe travel.


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