18 Jun 2010

Doing holiday mending with Sharon's stitches - all by hand - who is mending still like this? It is fun-mending. Only working trousers - look at the holiday environment behind, boats, people bathing.


  1. Hey you are making us jealous over here Anneliese. We are cold brrrr. Very chic mending indeed - the 'new look' :-) Dianne

  2. Yes indeed, Dianne, I know, When it is getting cold, and it will be winter quite some time. It seems to be endless. We are waiting for this few weeks of warm time from October to May. And what happens now up there in Germany?! Rain, 14°, more rain and so on. We had rain here yesterday. After two hours we were again bathing. No wonder that people like to come to the south.


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