10 May 2010

Herbstblatt - autumn leaf

Ein Ufo - ich arbeite schon lange daran - selbstgefärbter Stoff und Stickstiche in ähnlichen Farben - ursprünglich war die Form eines Blattes mit Stichen umnäht, dann habe ich doch das Blatt ausgefüllt
My unfinished object - a long lasting embroidery on home dyed fabric with embroidery in similar colours -starting idea was to outline the autumn leaf with stitches - but the leaf was "empty"
so I filled in all sorts of stitches


  1. Dear Anneliese, This Autumn Leaf is coming along beautifully. The colours are lovely and rich. It is Autumn here right now and we are getting all the pretty colours. Thank you for browsing around my blog - I have not done much blogging lately - life gets in the way.
    Sorry you didn't get to US to see your little ones. We cannot control nature. Your house in France sounds great - nice to have your own little 'play' space. Warm regards Dianne.

  2. I love the colours on your leaf project:)

  3. Wie unglaublich schön! Respekt vor soviel Kreativität!!!!


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