11 Oct 2014

Village Longevelle

When weather is nice we make a small tour on our bikes
to the next village. There are no special bike paths
but traffic is low - practically none on the small road.
On Sunday I took some photos of the wall surrounding the
church in this village:

The old wall is covered by these stone plates.
and a lot of moss is growing ...

.... and fern.
And that is what I am growing. Behind the container
is the chimney head which fell down when Himself
cleaned the oven. Only a little piece broke off the rim,
I like the shape.


  1. such beautiful scenery around your area.

  2. the moss growing on the wall looks so well I am not sure what words do it justice. Can see you had a good bike ride nice that there is so little traffic.The pot looks interesting what is the plant you are growing there?

  3. I was also asking what is the plant in the pot. It looks like some sort of succulent. You certainly have some fine scenery to take in on your bike rides.

  4. You have a beautiful container garden!

  5. I agree, the scenery there is so beautiful. It looks very peaceful too, so many wonderful places to cycle. I like you little succulents and the chimney pot makes a good decoration in the garden.

    1. C'est la France porofonde !! Inner France - far from the all regulating center - Paris!


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