11 Aug 2013

Wrapping - fabric baskets

A lovely book - which I took with me - knowing very well

that I would never start larger projects when the family is around

I made a plate - and took the photo under the sky - resulting in a blue colour
I used this awful fabric - I would never use it in a quilt
and cut it up in narrow strips
and the wrapping started
I do about 35 cm/15" of wrapping
and then the sewing - slowly from the middle
with a zig-zag stitch
I like the plate - the colour is something in between
the photos under electric light and real light in the shadow
And the next one.....
a little basket
I used scraps of this fabric which a very friendly lady, Isabelle, gave to me
and from the scraps I could tell that they were meant to be pants for a child

in the machine - it has to be bent to end up in a bowl shape

I made three knots on the rim



This fabric looks quite nice - but I was barbaric and cut it up

to make still another little basket

an oval shaped one ....


And this is my sewing place now - in the old French house which DH is renovating

the desk is used and was transferred to us by our son -

an old house is good to deposit many things which one doesn't like anymore.

The quilt on the walI I made years ago - the pattern is from Hanna Muehe




  1. Your baskets and plate are beautiful. A good use of fabrics you wouldnt use for a quilt, like the first plate. It looks like a good sewing space with your desk - plenty of room on them. Your power cords reminds me of how my sewing room looks - I have leads and power boards running around the room just like you.

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  3. These are wonderful Anneliese I love the bright colours. Di made me a bag in this technique a couple of years ago and it is so sturdy and strong. Your work is always an inspiration.

  4. not sure what happened but did not get this blog Anneliese, the bowls are great, maybe no I must not buy another book. You have a good swing area, I think I have mentioned I have to sew in my kitchen you lucky girl


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