14 May 2013

Buttonhole bar

Tast stitch #65 is called buttonhole bar 

I filled the center of the leaf with a couple of buttonhole bars
I wonder what will come next -
it is the intuition of the moment when I am stitching

There are also some knotted buttonhole stitches on the right side

(It would certainly be better to show the whole leaf -
however so much for the moment)

During our cutting of the fir trees and burning
the branches we nevertheless took care of this little cripple tree
not knowing what will come out of it -

We bought the old house last year and the garden was more than wild looking
so this explains our ignorance


and there was a surprise when the days got warmer


and looking closer I was delighted to find this

A magnolia with very large blossoms
Taking care in all this wild cutting and cleaning
was so much worth it.





  1. Such beautiful stitching and what a simply stunning magnolia, such a lovely find,

  2. Wonderful Buttonhole Bars and the Magnolia is magnificent. Those flowers are really huge!

  3. This is looking great Anneliese, and what a beautiful magnolia, a real treat to find such a treasure.

  4. What a gorgeous surprise from the magnolia - ours are only the creamy white ones here. Your stitching moves along beautifully. I am in the middle of dyeing samples now, no stitching it seems.

  5. Oh yes, magnolias are so beautiful, we call it also "tulpenboom" (tuliptree)

  6. Your stitching looks lovely. Magnolia trees are very exotic looking aren't they? I've recently bought a baby one.

  7. Love the colours you have used in this piece. I fact i think I love all of it. We are now starting the waiting game in our new garden, hope we find some thing as beautiful as your magnolia.

  8. Anneliese your latest tast has certainly added to your leaf, it is going to be so interesting when finished with all your great stitching.
    I have a magnolia just like yours, so lucky you left it and did not remove it with the others.Mine is not as much in flower as yours and I have just heard on the radio it is snowing not so far from ere on the pennines.

  9. very interesting stitching!
    and beautiful flowers! :)

  10. Thank goodness you didn't give that tree the chop!! A beautiful reward. Your stitching is superb as always and I love the colours you have used. It is a very interesting stitch the buttonhole bar and it is always so much more fun it you just 'let it happen' - just my style too. xxx Dianne


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