24 Apr 2013

April --- and WOYWW 203 -

One sunny day and the wild cherries are in bloom.
In bloom is also the digging and work in the garden
pulling up weeds, mostly
So my work in the house is very restricted
and it would be a shame to stay in the house.

redish flowers are on the same tree

View to the hills:

And what is going on on my working table ....
I started a new scarf -
Lana Grossa with needles 3 1/2
put on 2 stitches every other row 7 x, and take off 7 on the 14th row.

A gracious spring flower from the meadow
photo taken at 9:30 in the evening.
Isn´t that amazing how long the days last already

Cuckoo flower
 (maybe I am not right......)


  1. Wunderschöne Bilder! Du bist ein wahres Multitalent!

  2. Hi Anneliese. What a fabulous view you have. I don't blame you for taking time out of the craft room today. We are cloudy again today - I sometimes think our town has a cloud magnet! Enjoy your day in the sunshine. Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 33

  3. Wonderful weather to be outdoors, gardening, or why not knitting! That scarf looks interesting.

  4. Beautiful photos of your trees and vase of flowers coming into spring season. Where I live in Australia it is autumn and I am not looking forward to winter lol! Your scarf looks very interesting the way you are knitting it, I have never had the patience to knit, but admire the people that do! Have a great day and happy WOYWW.
    Janene #47

  5. What a view! have a good week - in or outside!! Helen, 2

  6. such beautiful photos and I love the wool you are using for your scarf
    Happy WOYWW #203 and thank you for sharing your desk with us today
    Ria #60

  7. Your photos are awesome- what beautiful scenery to live in. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #114 xx

  8. Your knitting another hitchhiker shawl, love the yarn!

  9. Clever scarf, I have been busy in the garden too. It's a tough choice during the summer, indoors or out?
    Karen #64

  10. Such a lovely view in the garden and beautiful blossom on the tree. Your scarf looks lovely with the variegated colours.

  11. in North of france with have at least nice days. and all the plants are growing and blossoming !

  12. yes Annelises looks like spring has sprung, are these photos of France or Germany?

    Scarf looks interesting, I do not knit as if hurts the knuckles and my hand swells up but have made a note of your instructions to pass on to a friend in Manchester

  13. Gorgeous pics Anneliese, beautiful what Spring does for us,huh! I wouldn't know what the flowers are called, they are just lovely! I really like the scarf edge..and the way you describe how to make it - as if everyone understands. Believe me..I don't!!

  14. Stunning photos, the spring is here. :)


  15. Those photos are beautiful ...we are not light as late as 9.30 quite yet.I love the colour of your yarn ...what a clever pattern ...I look forward to seeing it finished. xx58

  16. You are right, Anneliese! Cuckoo Flower or Lady's Smock. It is VERY pretty. I have photographed it in England too. The views look wonderful. Enjoy!

  17. Isn't spring wonderful? But I am feeling tired now, the winter was too long. And it is going to get cold again by the weekend :-((
    You are right about Cuckoo flower, my grandmother used to call them the Tears of Virgin Mary, as they usually flower around Easter (which was too early this year of course).

  18. These pretty spring flowers are called Wiesenschaumkraut in German. The yellow flower from your post a few days ago is Scharbockskraut, it is quite invasive, I have it in my garden too.

  19. Hi Anneliese, lovely spring images! Your scarf looks quite challenging!
    You asked about my cards, many are given away or sold for charity, some make it as projects for Making Cards magazine (I work as a freelance designer) and lots go into my 'stock box' for future use :-)

    Thanks for your kind comments
    Debs x


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