6 Mar 2013

WOYWW - good question

On my desk is usually a small mess - not a big one (missing space)
today I am again restricted to the dining table because
DH is renovating a house in France
Those who are reading my blog know already
I took with me small stitching projects and here is a new ornament
When a meal is approaching, haha, made by me, I take everything as it is
to another place in the room.
I am a typical hobby stitcher - nothing serious!

(Dear Mary Corbet will clasp her hands over her head -
she lately published a wonderful post about order with threads
here but -  hélas - my life is different)

see the dining table

and the newest ornament in grey silk with yellow and light blue stitches

I am working at it


  1. Happy WOYWW. Lovely stitching. Well done for working with beads. I really struggle to handle them. Ali x #22, with candy

  2. I do like the look of your new ornament.

  3. Great project in progress, such delicate beading its Gorgeous x
    Happy WOYWW Heather #59

  4. To me, the joy is in the doing, so anything that makes doing possible is good. We all have different ways.

  5. You have got a lovely project taking shape on your dinning table looks lovely

    Have a great WOYWW thank you for sharing your workspace today
    Ria #39

  6. You can use the tray trick: either place your embroidery project on a tray that is easy to remove from the table, OR serve TV-dinners, on trays to balance on your knees in front of the TV.

    Beautiful work, and well done, for carrying on with your project while away from home.

  7. Your ornament is so pretty. How nice that your work is portable. Just a little space will do. :-)

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #122

  8. This looks very organized, not a mess. My workspace looks much worse!

  9. Just goes to prove you can craft anywhere, love the new ornament, I like the colour changes and the beads.

    Brenda 104

  10. the text is here Anneliese, but the photo did not come through.

  11. Wow how lovely, a 'to go' box for crafting anywhere, great idea and a lovely ornament. I expect that like mine, your husband is used to eating amongst boxes of threads, paper and such!

  12. I don't think one can be very crative with too much order around :-))

  13. you are making good use of your time in France whilst DH is busy renovating Anneliese, another pretty ornament.

  14. What gorgeous threads. Thanks for sharing and Happy Woyww. Liz at 147 x

  15. Your desk is very colorful. April #145


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