23 Jan 2013

WOYWW - and what it is

WOYWW? -----yes, WOYWW ----- which means
What's on your Workdesk? Wednesday

This is my first WOYWW picture
Of course it is messy on my table - the table might have been tidy 5 minutes ago but when I start thinking about my next project much stuff is coming out of  boxes, shelves, drawers, from under the table and out of the basement which is two stairways down (and up again).
The ball of wool came from Boston to me. Hm, is is no wool but recycled sari silk. Wonderful - I can tell you. I have no idea up to now what will grow out of this round beauty - It came from here 
Though - Dunja is making different things no threads but wire......
I see clearer already .I am going to make a little purse of blue silk fabrics, and of cotton, too.
As I call myself a quilter it is all about fabrics and stitching and threads.
You can see a box of threads on the left and my latest fabric book of stitches which I made up of all embroidery stitches of last year which SharonB offered in Tast2012.  klick for information for the new Tast2013 stitches which started just yesterday. It is all free and there is a lot to be learned.


  1. Well, you will have t be sure to come back and show us your purse...the silk pieces look so
    Scrappymo 128

  2. The colours are looking lovely on your work table Anneliese.....i hope your well.

  3. I have knitted using the sari silk yarn and it's fabulous! I can't wait to see how you incorporate it into your project. I love that book of fabric stitches - very clever!

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay #126

  4. You asked about my storage...they are square glass jars from teh dollar store...they have stainless steeel push on lids. They are full af flowers sorted by colour and size. There are also some full of twine or ribbon or bits and bob of little wee things for cards.

  5. What a great workspace! You have some lovely things there! Look forward to seeing what you make! Chris86

  6. Your purse looks like being a beauty with those lovely fabrics Anneliese.
    Will look forward to see its completion. Your fabric stitch book is wonderful.

  7. your table is full of creative things, the sari ribbon works well on the embellishing machine if you have one.The tast book looks good, have not done my knotted feather stitch yet, maybe that is what I will do today or maybe not

  8. Mmmm, reminds me of my working table...not only on Wednesday though ;)

  9. Yes, my workspace looks similar to yours from time to time :-) It's good to see your TAST 2012 book. I hope you're going to share a few photo's of the finished book!

  10. Your work table looks like my work room :-))

  11. Your sewing projects make me want to drag out the fabric instead of the stamps and paper, Anneliese!

    The leafy garland you have in the next post--wow!

    a little late
    #164 this week!

  12. I love all the beautiful colors on your desk!

    Robin @151

  13. Welcome to WOYWW, how lovely to see your desk. Indeed, I'm so late that I've seen your beautiful free machined leaves too - so pretty..and you make it sound so easy! The blue silk fabric is just beautiful, please remember to show us next time!


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