8 Jan 2013

Squared out

I offered myself the very special
magazine for stitchers INSPIRATIONS.
Now, as the Christmas rush is over I indulged into the smallest object
in this magazine - a drawn thread square to be a scissors fob.
I followed the instructions point for point and found them very good.

The magazine is on my working table
I did already two sides of the square and you can see the threads
being drawn and standing out

The drawn threads standing up into the air.

The square is finished - next, the embroidery with bullion stitches
it is the part of the work where I can relax

It is finished and I don't know yet what I will do with it.
I am quite satisfied - it is very similar to the original in the magazine -
a tiny bit larger because I had to use a linen with a count
smaller than 38 as the author suggested.
The lady in the shop could not tell me which count it is
I think it must have been something like 28.

Anyway, I had great difficulties to see and count the threads.
The fabric was difficult because the weft was two threads.
Maybe this is normal - I don't know.
Probably it was not at all the right fabric for a drawn thread embroidery.



  1. like you I love inspirations magazine, it is a good day when it drops through the letter box, the kind of magazine you can look at again and again. Have not tried this yet but will add to the "to do " list!!

  2. Inspirations is the best embroidery magazine ever ;-D
    The instructions are always very clear.
    Your little piece looks wonderful.

  3. This looks like a very interesting magazine, but I never saw it in the store.

  4. Anneliese, this is lovely you have done a good job. I have many copies of this magazine from number 1, but have not bought it for ages.

  5. Great work,Anneliese. It can't have been easy to see those tiny little squares. I usually have to use one of those magnifying things. Inspiration mags are gorgeous.

  6. In France we have a magazine which name "Broderie Inspiration" and seems very close to this one.
    I have just verify, the model of "Broderie Inspiration" come from "Inspiration"


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