19 Nov 2012

Little gifts

It is nice for the grandchildren - especially if they are far away - to unpack small self-made little presents.

A little bag with a purse for coins - for her (7)
18 cm long and 15 wide. The lining is orange like the strip on top.
The little purse was cut freehand from a leftover piece of fabric.
It is closed with a 10 cm yellow zip.

and for the teenager - can you see the zip in the middle?

24 cm long and 13 cm wide. The zip 20 cm. I doubled the fabric,
that means it is the same inside. I closed the bag simply with two
strips of red fabric on the right and left. There is a fancy letter L in red for the
name, it is upside down on the photo.

and finally I added a pendant and sorry
I did not manage to turn the photo
it is upside down.
Photos are from my iPad.


  1. what lovely gifts Anneliese, the cat fabric is very appealing being a cat lover myself. I am sure your grandchildren will be delighted with these gifts.

  2. What incredible gifts, especially since you can use up those small bits of fabric. Bleubeard and I BOTH love your little cat fabric pouch. It is PURRfect.

    And thanks for changing your comments. That made it so I can now leave comments. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. Nice little presents you made.


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