24 Oct 2012

Basket finished and a blue one

I added a few beads, not too many, just to hide a not so good ending.
I thought also to make some embroidery stitches - but I leave it now
as it is.

There is always a tapered end which has to be concealed -
the ideal reason to sew on beads

As this is  a post on finished baskets I will add the blue one

I used a wonderful fabric designed by Caryl Bryer-Fallert
I bought it years ago in her studio in Paducah, KY
I added a few narrow strips of orange for interest 

I finished it off with a double binding
as described by Susan Breier in her book It's a Wrap II
I tried to make the bowl oblong though it did not really
come out like that. But it is ok.



  1. yes the added beads work really well,a lovely basket

  2. Love the finishing touch! Thanks for adding the boxes inside, now I can imagine the size of your basket.

  3. Anneliese, I love this. Di made me a bag in the same technique. Your colours are as always fantastic and I love the addition of the beads.

  4. It's beautiful, Anneliese!

  5. I love the addition of the beads and instead of looking like it hides something, it looks like an elegant touch of inspiration! Thanks for the visit.....

  6. They look great! The orange one is very autumnal. I like the colour contrast in the blue one too.

  7. Hi, Anneliese. Beautiful baskets with wonderful colors. The beads are a lovely touch. Enjoyed seeing your last TAST experiment--very pretty.
    best, nadia


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