23 Sep 2012

Drizzle stitch

If I look at this photo which I made at Ste.-Marie-aux-Mines where we visited the 18. Carrefour du Patchwork (Alsace, the most eastern department in France ) I do not wonder why I made......

my drizzle stitches like that ....
Although I did not in the least think of this photo
Here is a closer shot - there was no sun all day
even some rain.


  1. The power of one's subconscious!

  2. Wonderful photos! You must do more drizzling around stones!

  3. great bit of drizzling going on here

  4. Fantastic, its as if you planned it! The mind is an amazing thing!

  5. Great drizzle stitches Anneliese, and I just love the photograph. Sorry I've been so quiet lately - some things here are causing me concern. Happy stitching.

  6. I didn't realise that the drizzle stitch looks like the ferns, but it's true. yoyr work is beautiful.

  7. It is always nice to create stitching from nature and your drizzle stitches depict just that.


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