17 Jul 2012

Up and down buttonhole stitch

This week I can't show very much - just a little embroidery of the new stitch of week 28: Up and down buttonhole stitch.
We are occupied with house renovation - although it did not really start yet. We are hunting for the most necessary tools and household appliances for the life in this house which is more like camping - really a bit more comfortable than in a tent. We have hot water and a shower - the kitchen is working quite well - we will nevertheless have to change everything. DH started today with a new lamp, more light!
No, my friends, we don't give up our basis camp in Germany - we will relax there and .... go to the dentist's


  1. This post made me laugh re the camping. I am getting a picture in my mind of the inside of this house. Love your up and down b.hole sample.

  2. Happy renovations! It can be long and difficult, but the end result is usually worth all the struggle.

  3. Amazing, Anneliese! Your stitching is lovely and your energy level is enviable! How DO you do it? Take care .

  4. I've been enjoying catching up with all your beautiful new stitches. Good luck with the renovations!


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