17 Mar 2012

Whipped wheel

The theme for week 11 of Tast2012 (Take a stitch Tuesday) is 'whípped wheel'.

I made some variations of the whipped wheel -
The wheel in the middle is made with a very glistening yarn
which I bought from Anne Lange here
a pity that the glitz of it can't be seen

I am making another pebble in green.
It will be a pebble which could lie in the woods -
covered with moss and little branches -
or whatever one can imagine

This button was whipped in the same way -
I did it in Karen Ruane's very exciting button class


  1. Your samples of woven wheels are lovely Anneliese. I like the little one second from the bottom on the right that looks like a tree stump. Your green mossy pebble is looking good.

  2. These are lovely Anneliese. I have never tried this stitch but love the look of it. You have inspired me to try it!

  3. You are doing so well, Anneliese, congratulations!

  4. You have been whipping pretty irregular too, Anneliese. Especially the top left wheel, like a rising sun.
    Great idea to do a green pebble. Have you seen the link to a moss tutorial on SF, the one Deb posted?

  5. All your whipped wheels are gorgeous Anneliese, particularly the exquisite white 'button'. I am looking forward to see your 'mossy pebble', which should be a beauty. You've certainly had fun with this stitch. Cheers.


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