4 Feb 2012

Herringbone stitch, week 5

It seems that I withheld my stitching for Tast2012 week 5 up to now - I no longer will and here it is

A small combination of Herringbone embroidery stitches
on fabric-paint dyed linen
on top I fixed a torn piece of silkstrip and fixed it with
stitches - just to see how it would look

I seem to love round designs - I can't help -
it turns out always in the same way
it is like a handwriting

a patch of Herringbones

With every new stitch that appears I am filling spaces on this
not at all sampler-like piece of fabric
I love order in my studio but I like a neatly arranged small chaos on the fabric.


  1. Really beautiful stitching. Circles are great, aren't they. Tiny mandalas. I like your 'patch', too.

  2. I love the neatly arrange small chaos on your sampler Anneliese, it is very creative. I love that background fabric as well. Did you use any medium with the paint and was the paint acrylic. Great work

  3. Well done, Anneliese, it looks great! I love the bright colours :)

  4. Great colours Anneliese, and love those circles!! I am way behind. I am really enjoying your approach to the TAST, very refreshing.

  5. I love the colours you have put together in this little piece. I'm not much of a hand-stitcher, but I love the texture - maybe I should try some!


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