29 Feb 2012


Couching  - I found out

And now after a week I know why I made this design: Have a look at the photo of a was-once-a-tulip

 must have been this flower which I saw several days

Don't ask me what this could be - nothing at all - a fruit maybe.
But in fact it needs not to be anything but a design
which I made first on paper.
Couching is good for round shapes
and difficult threads can be stitched down by this method.


  1. This is so pretty - I love seeing your stitch projects!

  2. This is so pretty Anneliese. I love the dainty little single strand fly stitches!! You are indeed correct - couching has so many great uses. Love this, and the shades of green coming out in it. Cheers.

  3. Lovely stitching and lovely shapes , Anneliese. They could be fruits. Whatever they are, the couching is lovely. I love doing it by hand and by machine.

  4. I really like your colours. I like couching for the same reason - you can use difficult threads and yarns.

  5. i like your interwoven shapes Anneliese. Also the colours.

  6. Anneliese, No matter what it is the design lines are very effective and you couching is gorgeous. Good work.


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