5 Jan 2012

Two more

I embellished the left feather with some French knots - the stitches are rather long and the quilt might be washed in the future being a bed cover when finished. I hope the knots will keep the satin stitches somehow in place

And this is where I got lately my inspiration from
 (after I was inspired by Jude Hill - see sidebar)
I found an article in our newspaper half a year ago,
cut it out and sticked it into my studio journal
never thinking I could use it some time

They are so beautiful in their diversity


  1. beautiful work, the feathers are gorgeous

  2. absolutely gorgeous~!~BEAUTIFUL work~!!~
    i'm familiar with Judes blog and the Magic Feather project but haven't found the time to participate. your work is certainly inspiring~!~


  3. Your embroidered feathers are so lovely Anneliese, and incorporated into your quilt will make a gorgeous bedcover. I also love the picture you saved from your newspaper. I wish our newspaper shared such lovelies!! The one on the extreme right seem to be looking at me.

  4. Deine Federn sind wunderschön.


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