6 Dec 2011

Buttons going on

This is now a really big one - I found this lace in my basement
Of course, I knew that there is a box full of treasures - but when
I stored it I had no use for it at that time.
I simply had to use it for this kind of enormous brooch.
Who knows, maybe I will wear it sometime in summer.
The middle is painted cotton which I made a few weeks ago.
I cut out piece and sacrificed it for the purpose.

Another one a bit more modest.
There is printed silk in the middle.


  1. What a lovely idea, Anneliese :) Both will look really nice if worn, I specially like the top one.

  2. They look great, Anneliese.

  3. This is a lovely idea Anneliese, they would brighten up a winter blouse too.

  4. Very pretty Anneliese...love them both.


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